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Alojamiento en Casa de Familia
San Telmo - Buenos Aires - Argentina

The Tango Hogar Guesthouse provides lodging in a family home in the oldest and most traditional neighbourhood of San Telmo in the City of Buenos Aires.

It is a spacious, comfortable and secure house built in 1903. In the guests´ quarters there is:

  • Single room

  • Twin room (with self-contained bathroom)

  • Double room (available with or without private bathroom)

All the rooms have fans and heaters and are cleaned twice weekly with fresh soap and towels provided.

The price of a room includes free Wi Fi and computer usage with free 24/7 internet access.

There are also two bathrooms with showers and one without a shower.

There is a kitchen equipped with crockery, fridge, microwave, coffee-percolator, electric stove and electric kettle. 

Last but by no means least there is a lovely plant filled courtyard inhabited by the owners´pet tortoise Julio which also encompasses a BBQ grill and smokers´ area.


Location of Tango Hogar: Estados Unidos streets, between Piedras and Chacabuco streets, San Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

  • 4 blocks from the Plaza Dorrego and the popular Sunday antiques Fair.

  • 2 blocks from Independencia Subway (Subte) station on the " C " line  that circulates from Retiro to Constitution and connects with all the other lines.

  • 2 blocks from Avenida 9 de Julio, the world´s widest thoroughfare with 16 lanes of traffic.

  • 8 blocks from Plaza de Mayo where the infamous Pink Palace is located from which Eva Peron would deliver her famous speeches.

  • 12 blocks from the Obelisque.

  • Easy access (1 or 2 blocks) to local bus routes to all the city´s sites: 9 / 70 / 17 / 45 / 91 / 59/126 / 86 / 24 / 29 / 100 / 67 / 96 / 98 / 116.




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